Lesson Plan

How much do I have?

Students will learn to solve addition and subtraction word problems by using drawing, fingers, or cubes.
Jamie H.
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My Subjects Math, World Languages, English-Language Learning

I can follow the teacher’s instructions. 

I can say the meaning of plus or addition.  

I can develop a strategy to solve addition problems.   

I can discuss my strategies with my peers or teachers. 

I can choose my favorite strategy. 

I can use addition to solve real-life situations. 

Grades K
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1 Engage

  • Watching the video and asking students to present number 1-10.
  •  Ask them if they have different ways to present 1.
  •  Play the video. After watching the video, I hope some students might understand they can use different ways to express number 1-10.
  • Students will think and develop a way to express number. Students can share their ideas with classmates and me.
  • Tell my students I am going to play a magic show, which allows students to think about how can they solve an addition problem.

2 Explore

Activity: Other — Brainstorming
  • Tell my students I am going to put three yellow balls first and then one student will add 4 green balls into my hat. After that, students to explore and develop their thinking.
Student Instructions
  • Students will talk to their neighbors about their ideas.
  • students share their ideas.
  • Students can touch their head if they have the same thought. Students who touch their nose mean they have different thoughts, so a teacher will encourage those kids to explain their thoughts. 

3 Explain

Activity: Investigating
  • Lead students to write down the number sentence (3+4=?). Students will express the meaning of plus or addition.
  • Solve this problem on the paper or by multiple methods and objects. Students can walk around to find suitable objects to solve their problems.
  • A teacher clarify their thoughts. Ask students to find the second strategy to solve this problem.
Student Instructions
  • Any student with a magician’s hat will share his or her ideas with others, and a teacher will justify their answers or explain clearly to them.

4 Elaborate

  • Ask students what strategies they like?
  • Play the video for my students. Students and I will sign together.
  •  After watching the video, students think where or what situations they will use addition. A teacher can give them a place or students pick up a place.
  • Do a role-play together to integrate the concept of addition and their life experiences. 

5 Evaluate

  • Students and a teacher will play a game to solve a word problem. Students can share their ideas with us.
  • Praise students for their hard work.