Lesson Plan

How Does The Moon Affect The Earth?

Students will understand the effects of gravity.
Kristy (GAE) L.
Media specialist/librarian
P.S. 200 Benson
Brooklyn, United States
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1 What do you know about the moon?

Activity: Conversing

Show students interactive flipchart about the moon.

Student Instructions

Discuss what we already know about the moon. Participate in group conversation about the flipchart.

2 Learn About The Moon With BrainPopJr

Show video, The Moon, lead discussion

Student Instructions

Watch video, ask questions

3 Class Discussion: Why is the moon important to Earth?

Activity: Conversing

Create a web of information we know about the moon on the interactive white board.

Student Instructions

Turn & Talk: Why is the moon important?

4 Show What You Know

Free to try, Paid

Demonstrate the activity: Gravity Pulls. Sort the items into the categories of falls quickly, doesn't fall, falls slowly

Student Instructions

Students will sort the pictures into three categories on the computer program, Kidspiration.