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How do animals survive in the winter?

Students will explore and research in their expert groups to learn about a specific animal and identify how it survives during the winter.
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Students will be able to...research independently using books, Ipads, or computers to learn more information about their specific animal.

The students will be able to transfer their research into a pic collage template and ultimately into a pic collage using the IPad app.

The students will be able to work collaboratively in small groups to learn new information.

The expert groups will be able to present their new learning to the class.

English Language Arts
Grades K
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1 The Park Ranger Needs our Help!!!- Hook

Activity: Other — Audio-Memo

IPad App- Audio Memo

The teacher will prepare a letter, audio memo recording, and 5 poster anchor charts for the students to record their new learning as a class.  

Student Instructions

The student will read letter, watch audio-memo, and make predictions about how each of the 5 animals survive in the winter.

2 How do the 5 animals who need our help survive during the winter?-Direct Instruction

The class will research each of the 5 animals to learn new facts and identify how each animal survives the winter using the blendspace.  The students will help as we add the new learning to the 5 anchor charts.

How do animals survive during the winter?

TTW use the links on the blendspace to lead the research with the students.  

Student Instructions

The students will participate as the class researches and add new learning to the anchor charts.

3 How can I organize the the information I have learned into a form I can use to share with others?

The teacher will model using the blendspace and anchor charts to put the information into our pic collage layout.