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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Holidays Around the World

Students will learn to understand and appreciate cultures and holidays around the world.
Courtney S.
Classroom teacher
Central City Elementary School
Huntington, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

Students will be able to describe and differentiate holidays and traditions from around the world.  

Students will be able to compare and contrast their traditions to others.

Students will be able to explain in their own words traditions of different cultures and countries. 

Students will be able to explain to a partner what they have learned.

Students will be able to discuss with a whole group.

English Language Arts
letter formation
letter or word recognition
reading comprehension
Social Studies
cultural understanding
global awareness
Grades Pre-K – 4
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1 Introduction

We will begin the lesson by  discussing holiday traditions the students in our class know.  We will talk about what they do in their homes, and what we do at school.  They will explain in their own words what they do each year.  My students all celebrate Christmas, but that will vary from class to class.  So we will talk about Santa, Christmas trees, and family dinners.  

Student Instructions

We will make a KWL chart about what students know about Christmas and other winter holidays.  These answers will come from the students.  I will also have the students discuss what they want to learn. When they have completed the class KWL chart, they will go back to their seats and add it to their own personal KWL chart. We will then watch a vide on Brainpop about winter holidays. 

2 Guided Instruction

We will begin by reviewing what the students have added to their KWL chart to the previous day. The students will also review the holidays and traditions within their own family. We will begin the lesson by talking about Christmas.  Christmas is very common to most students, so it it just a way to get them to understand that we are learning about other cultures tradition and how they are similar and different to our own.  We will discuss the various aspects of Christmas.  We will talk about how we often celebrate Christmas as well as Christmas eve.  We will talk about Santa and how we leave out cookies and how he leaves presents and fills ours stockings.  We will read the Night Before Christmas.  We will talk about all things similar to their own traditions, and all things different.  

Student Instructions

Students will add to the group KWL chart what they have learned.  They will also go to their seats and add to their own personal KWL chart.  Students will create a Christmas craft. We will make beaded candy canes.  Students will use red and white beads and create a pattern that is a candy cane.  We will discuss how the candy cane is a traditional symbol of Christmas. Students will then get a partner and an iPad.  they will explore  The Globe Smart Education App.  They will view one student each day. This will help them further understand others how their world is different from others. 

3 Guided Continued

We will begin by reviewing the KWL chart and discussing what we learned the previous day. We will discuss Hannakah. We will read the Story of Hanukkah.  We will discuss traditions of Hanukkah and how they do not have Santa, but they get a present each night, and also light the menorah. I will have an example of at menorah and explain to the students have they light one candle each night and how they follow a pattern and light them in a specific order. We will also look at the app, Light My Fire, which allows us to look further at the tradition of lighting the menorah. We will then discuss the various traditions of Hanukkah including games and food. We will work together to play the dreidel game.  We will discuss the symbols and what each one means.  We will play the game. 

Student Instructions

We will do a Venn Diagram and compare and contrast Hanukkah and Christmas.  Students will tell me what is the same and what is different.  They will also add to their class KWL chart and go back to their seats and add to their own.  Students will make their own menorah using crafts sticks.  They will need glue and paint or marker.  When they are finished, they will once again view Globe Smart Education 1 app and view the life and story of one of the children on there.  They will do this with a partner.  They can also play Super Dreidel app, which allows students to play the game.

4 Exploration

Activity: Exploring

We will begin by reviewing what we have learned in previous days.  We will review our KWL chart. Once the third day, we will be looking at countries around the world and discuss their traditions.  We will begin by watching the video Winter Holidays on BrainPOP Jr.  We will then pull out our globe.  We will pull out the book Christmas Around the World. http://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Around-World-Mary-Lankford/dp/0688163238...

This is a great resource to view holidays and traditions around the world.  As we come to a country, we will find them on the globe, and discuss their holidays.  As we talk, we will write notes on chart paper.  We will make notes of the country, and the similarities and differences to their own traditions.  

Student Instructions

Students will add to the class and their own personal KWL charts.  They will also view the Globe Smart Education App to further investigate the world around them. 

5 Conclusion

Activity: Creating

On the last day, we will discuss all we have learned, we will complete and review our KWL chart.  Students will then create a story using puppet pals or iMovie to explain what they have learned about Holidays from around the world.  They must use the name of the holiday, the country, the traditions, and what is similar and different from their own.

Student Instructions

Students will then present their movie or story to the class.