Lesson Plan

Hokey Pokey Shapes

Learn shapes with a familiar song to make them easier to remember!

Students will be able to identify basic shapes.

Students will be able to identify different colors.

Students will learn a new version of the Hokey Pokey.

Grades Pre-K – 2
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1 The Hook

Activity: Presenting

Start by playing the real version of the hokey pokey for your students. Have them listen to the words and then play it again so they can try to sing along.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Exploring

Pass out different shapes in different colors to the students. Each student will recieve one of each shape. Then explain the connection of the shapes to their colors, i.e. circle is blue, square is green, triangle is red, and rectangle is yellow. Say the shape and have them repeat it, do the same for colors (continue this until everyone knows each shape and color).

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Conversing

Have the lyrics on the board for the students to see. Talk through the lyrics before playing the song. (i.e. You put your circle in, you put your circle out, you put your circle in and you shake it all about). Do this a few times until you think they are comfortable and then try to sing it (without the song).

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Presenting

Play the song (without the original words) for the students to sing along to and use their shapes.

5 Wrap Up

Activity: Assessing

Listen and watch to make sure each student is singing along and putting in the correct shape. After print out a page that has the shapes on them, have the students label each shape. This will allow you to see if the students paid attention to the song and which shape they were putting in.