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History of the Atom

How has our view of the atom changed through time?
Melissa C.
Classroom teacher
Boiling Springs High School
Boiling Springs, United States
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My Grades 11, 12
My Subjects Science

The students will discuss the changes in the view of the atom from the beginning idea of the atom for early Greek philosophers to today's wave model.

Grades 9 – 12
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1 Hook

Activity: Broadcasting

Teacher will show the video made by Nova to hook students in the changes of the atomic theory.  Also teacher will show students the size of the atom.

2 Directed instruction

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will review the requirements for the students project on the history of the atom.  Students may choose to create an interactive bulletin board or create their own video depicting the history of the atom.

3 Research

Imagine Easy Academy
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Teacher will monitor the students as they research the history of the atom

Student Instructions

Students will find information on each major contributor in the history of the atom

4 Design and produce

Monitor and assist

Student Instructions

Students will create an original movie using imovie or wemovie to act out the history and experiments of the atom through time.  OR  the students will design an interactive bulletin board to share with the class.

5 Wrap-up

Activity: Assessing

Monitor and ask question

Student Instructions

Students will do a gallery walk to interact with the bulletin boards created by their peers.  Additionally the students who produced a movie will share their movie with the class.