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Historical Fiction-Baseball Cards

This lesson allow students to intergrate history and ela in one lesson while having fun.
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Students will choose and research a historical figure who changed history using both online sources and books.

Students will create a baseball card for the historical figure using ReadWriteThink.org's Trading Card Creator.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 2
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1 Introduction

Students will choose their historical figure  from a list that is provided. The list of historical figures was pulled from the 2nd grade standards.Students will go on both sides and view all of the figures and choose which person they would like to research. 

Student Instructions

You need to pick a historical figure from the list provided that you would like to research and then create a baseball card for that person.

2 Researching

This step may will require multiple sessions depending on your group.  They will need to gather the necessary information about their historical figure to complete the baseball card.  I have created and attached a handout with all the information needed if your group would find it useful to use while they are researching. In addition to the online resources you may find it helpful to have books, magazines, newspapers, and many other printed sources available for students to use. You could break students up into groups and have them rotate through different centers so students are researching with different materials. 

Student Instructions

You will use the handout provided to find information on your historical figure.  Make sure you find everything you can about your historical person. The organizer is part of the final grade.


3 Creating Baseball Cards

In this step students will create their baseball card.  The great thing about ReadWriteThink is that students can use the website but they also have and iPad App that students can use to create their baseball card.  The Trading Card Creator is easy to use and as long as the student has the necessary  information from their research this step should be simple to finish in one sessions. Students will be very excited to share all of the information they have learned and their cards with each other.

Student Instructions

Use the information on your handout to fill in each section on the Trading Card Creator.  When you are done print out your baseball card and share with classmates that have also finished.