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Hey, that's a simple machine!

Identify the simple machines all around us
Melissa P.
Currey Ingram Academy (Brentwood, TN)
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Students will be able to identify and explain the properties of simple machines.

Grades 3 – 8
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1 Hook

Play a short video about simple machines, such as the one on BrainPop Jr.

2 Direct Instruction

Ideally students will already be familiar with the types of simple machines before this lesson and you can do a quick review.

3 Guided Practice/Demonstration

Students will be taking a picture of a simple machine in the classroom (or playground) and explaining why the item is a simple machine.

Students will use Explain Everything or a similar app for this activity. You can turn on the simple interface (under settings) in Explain Everything to make the app more friendly for younger users.

Demonstrate to students how to take a picture and insert it into the app. Then show how to annotate and record audio.

4 Independent Practice

Working independently or in small groups, students will identify a simple machine in their immediate surroundings. They will take a picture, insert it into the app, and record audio explaining which simple machine they have found and why it is that simple machine.

5 Presentation

Students will share their video explanations with the class. It may be interesting to tally the variety of simple machines found by students or look for patterns in their findings.