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Hershey fractions

Students will learn how to identify fractions within whole numbers.
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Students will be able to identify fractions within whole numbers once this lesson is completed. The students should also be able to recognize as many fractions as possible within a whole Hershey’s chocolate bar.


National Education Technology Standards for Students (NETSS)

  • Basic operations and concepts
  • Social, ethical, and human issues
  • Technology productivity tools
  • Technology communications tools
  • Technology research tools
  • Technology problem-solving and decision-making tools
Grades 3
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1 Hook - Whole Class

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The introduction to this lesson is to watch The Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar Fraction Book by Jerry Pallotta that is read to them on a you tube video.  The objective of this lesson is to be able to recognize equivalent fractions.  The attention getter of this lesson is to show the students Hershey’s bars to raise their curiosity about how candy can be used to learn fractions. Through going to this YouTube video:


Student Instructions

Students will wach the video that the teacher provides.

2 Independent Practice

IXL - Math and English
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The teacher will asses the students as they are working with IXL at:



Student Instructions

The students must be focused as they are working through the IXL website.

3 Wrap up

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The teacher must create a Kahoot game for the students to answer as their ticket out the door. I have created a 3-question Kahoot for this lesson: 


Student Instructions

Students must corectly answer the questions within the Kahoot! In order for students to show mastery, they must answer two of the three corectly.