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Helping Students Master Basic Facts

Helping Students Master Basic Facts

Students will be able to master basic facts. (Add and subract with mental strategies and multiply and divide)


Grades 1 – 3
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1 Ipad App

Students feed the sushi monster two or three number that add to up the given sum.

2 Ipad App

Activity: Other — Math Slide Addition

There will be different types of addition and subtraction problems that the student must answer like using dice or addition and subtraction equations. The student must choose the right answer and slide it up onto the screen.

3 Ipad App

Activity: Other — Addition and Subtraction for Kids

Students will be read a math problem (ex. 2+2) on the game. It provides the number fish of in the problem if they need a visual to help count with. They will pop the bubble with the correct number in it.

4 Virtual Manipulative

Activity: Creating

Building Houses Activity:


In this Virtual Manipulative, the students will build a house out of cuisenaire rods and will be asked the following questions:

1. How many bars did you use? On the house? On the roof? Add and compare them.

2. How do the lengths of the bars compare? Are they half as big; twice as big?

Time: 5 minutes

5 Virtual Manipulative

Activity: Assessing

iTool for Counters


In this virtual manipulative, the teacher will add different amounts of objects to both top and bottom boxes on the board.  The student with then add the object to find the answer.  If correct, then the teacher can show family facts about the problems.  

Time: 5 minutes