Lesson Plan

Healthy eating & Healthy living

Students will discover ways to make better choices at each meal and find ways to add to a healthy lifestyle

Students will be able to...identify nutrient rich foods, demonstrate how to perform 3 yoga stretch positions, track food intake for one school day

Health & Wellness
Grades K – 7
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1 Hook

Divide students in groups of 3, they will each get to choose a different pose to peer teach. 

Student Instructions

Use Super Stretch Yoga app to find a pose to teach to the other students in your group. Each group member is responsible for teaching a different pose.

2 Direct Instruction

Guide students through the different food groups, help them identify foods that are good for you vs. foods that are empty calories.

3 Guided Instruction

Reinforce direct instruction with a video about healthy food options with an interactive quiz . 

4 Independant Practice

Instruct students that they will be using Supertracker to get a snapshot of what they eat in a typical school day. If it is before lunch they can log what they think they are going to eat for lunch, after lunch they can input what they did have for lunch. Remind students to log breakfast and all snacks consumed throughout the day. 

Student Instructions

Use Supertracker to track your food intake for one school day. 

5 Wrap Up

Activity: Conversing

Students can share their results from Super tracker and identify ways to make better choices or describe why they made they healthy choices that they did.