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Handwahing and You

This is a lesson designed to teach toddlers and preschoolers the importance of wahing their hands.
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Students will be able to understand the importance of washing their hands. Students will be able to wash their hands with little to no assistance. Studnets will be able to learn through electronical assistance how to wash their hands.

Health & Wellness
Grades Pre-K – K
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1 Hook/Atention Getter

Activity: Exploring

Start the discuss with an open-ended question: -Why do you wash our hands? -Who do you think wshes their hands? -What would happen if we did not wash our hands? Web the students answers and share with the group. Next explain when they should be washing their hands: -Before eating or cooking or handling food -After eating or cooking, or handling food -After coughing -Before water play -After water play -After using the restroom -After rubbing face Sing the "Wah Your Hands" Song.

Student Instructions

Send yrics to "Wash Your Hands" Song home and ask the parents to sing it at home.

2 Direct Insturction

Activity: Presenting

Using the link above, watch the video "Proper Hand Washing" and then discuss openly what they learner. Web: Times we should wash our hands"

Student Instructions

To get the parents involved ask the parents to go to the link above and watch the video "Proper Hand Washing" and discuss it with your child. Ask them questions to test their comprehension. Allow them to draw a time when they have to wash their hands. Then ask the parents to watch the video "Bitter Debut on Hand Washing in Schools" then explain in three sentence how important hand washing is for your toddler, preschool, and school age students. Would you prefer old fashion hand washing or new class hand sanitizer?