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"Hana's Suitcase": Comparing Text and Video

Students Create Text/Video Comparisons with a digital Posters and Writing Pieces
Marla Kay D.
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Forest Lake Education Center
Longwood, United States
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My Grades 6
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Students will be able to create a digital poster to summarize the text, "Hana's Suitcase", leading to a comparative alanysis of both the text and the DVD, "Inside Hana's Suitcase".

English Language Arts
Grades 6
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1 The Hook

  1. After reading the text, Hana's Suitcase" and viewing the DVD about the book, "Inside Hana's Suitcase ",student triads will brainstorm ideas for a summary statement for the book.  Students will use Power Notes ( number notes) to capture the ideas and events that impressed them during reading-referring to their previously-written sticky notes   
  2. Using this information, students will add their own thoughts and ideas as they independently create their own digital posters, comparing and contrasting the book and movie.  Students may choose to use either GlogsterEdu, or Prezi.  
  3. Students are to include evidence from the text and DVD to support their ideas. 


2 Direct Instruction

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  1. Explain and model how to share posters and record similarities and differences noted in posters.
  2. Students will share their posters within their teams, looking for similarities and differences.  The designated Scribe will record this in Notability or Popplet. 

3 Independent Practice

Goalbook Toolkit
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  1. Identify the Common Core strand,Reading Literature in the lesson section of the Goalbook website.  The lesson entitled "Text and Video" gives a variety of independent activities to meet the needs of each learner.  
  2. Using notes and posters, students create a piece of writing that analyzes the similarities and differences between the text and video.   Differentiate using the various activities listed in Goalbook, to meet the learning needs of each student. 
  3. Check for understanding. 

4 Wrap-Up

Activity: Presenting

Present student work by posting around the classroom.  Each Team stands beside their pieces, to explain.  Teams take turns explaining their process, and answering any questions.