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Hail to the Chief

The students will learn the process of how a president is elected.
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My Grades 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12
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The students will learn and be able to summarize the process of becoming the US president.

Social Studies
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Hook/ Attention Getter

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The teacher will begin the class by showing a 6+ minute video from Ted (redirects you to youtube). The video shows the importance of voting in America. http://blog.ted.com/blog-exclusive-a-miniature-ted-all-about-voting/ Once complete the teacher will have an open discussion with the students about the importance of voting in America.

Student Instructions

The students will watch the video. The students will participate and give their opinions about voting. (why it is important or not)

2 Direct Instruction

The teacher will wrap up the discussion on why it is important to vote with Why Tuesday. Why Tuesday is a website that explores the positive and negatives reasons for voting. There are many videos to choose from to watch on the matter. As well as ideas about changing the day we vote to accommodate more people. The teacher will then transition out of voting to the electoral college. The teacher will explain the requirements to be the president as well as how the president wins votes from the electoral college. To aid the teacher, they will use the website 270 to win. This website has enteracting maps about the 2016 election and historical elections. The map will help the teacher explain the electoral college. Finally, the students will be put into groups and play the game win the white house. The students will play an interactive game where they will take on the role of a presidential candidate and try to win. This game will help review the information that they just learned.

3 Guided Practice

The teacher will place the students into groups. While in their groups they will chose a presidential candidate and a running mate. They will also choose a party name and write a platform. The students will have to take a stance on  1. Immigration, 2. Death Penalty 3. Gun Control 4. Changes to make in the class to test and the daily process. The students will announce their people and stances in front of the class. The students will create a commercial on iMovie in support of their candidate. Their commercial will explain their stances. Also the students will campaign to the staff and their peers to try to win votes. While campaign they must educate others about their group and its stance.

4 Independant Practice

The teacher will have the students write a personal platform. The students will explain whether they argee with their groups platform stance or not and explain why. They taking what they have learned they will look to the nearing or most recent election on Project Smart Vote. (Website shares candidates and views) The student must choose a candidate to vote for and explain why.

5 Wrap-Up

The students will close by voting. The students, outside students, and staff will be able to vote on iPads using exit ticket. The polls will open and close in one day. The students will be able to expand their knowledge more by playing the Politicial Machine 2016. The game educates about the 2016 candidates and lets you choose a candidate while you try to get them elected.