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Haiku Poetry

Student will learn how to write a Haiku
Pamela D.
Classroom teacher
Daniel Island Elementary School
Charleston, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math

Students will be able to identify and write a Haiku.

English Language Arts
Grades K
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1 Hook

Activity: Exploring

Begin lesson by asking students about their pets.  Explain that the book Dogku by Andrew Clements (available on itunes as a read aloud) is about a dog that is written a special way using Haiku, a type of poetry.  Read or listen to the book and discuss (provide a brief definition of a Haiku and example from the book to illustrate).  Allow students to find others examples of Haiku in the story. 

Student Instructions

Listen to the story and look for examples of Haiku.  Discuss.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Exploring

Download the Smart board lesson from the SmartExchange titled:  Haiku Poetry by Natalie Conkln.

Slides include origin of Haiku, elements of Haiku, and examples.  Practice counting the syllables in each line of the poems.

Student Instructions

Watch and discuss the slides.  For the examples, clap your hands to count syllables for each line of a Haiku poem.

3 Guided Practice

Teacher will use Kidspiration Maps app. to create a graphic organizer for a Haiku poem (whole group).  If students have not used this app, the activity will show students to see how to use the app.  Class will write a Haiku poem together.

Student Instructions

Participate in activity to create a graphic organizer and write a Haiku poem together.

4 Independent Practice

Teachers will assign each student a partner.  Using the Kidspiration Maps app, the students will create a graphic organizer to use for their creation of a Haiku poem. 

Partners will write a Haiku poem and present their poems using one of the three apps:  Tellagami, Sock Puppets, or Haiku Deck (this app may require additonal support/instructions for student use)

Student Instructions

Students will create a graphic organizer on Kidspiration Maps app with their partner to use in writing a Haiku poem.

Partners will write  a Haiku poem and present their poem to the class.  Students may choose which app to use in presenting their poem.

5 Wrap Up

Teacher will stream the Haiku presentations for class to view

Student Instructions

Students will present their Haiku presentations to the class.