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Hack Readiness Toolkit

Flow Guide for the Preliminary Design & Creation of a Social Media App PROTOTYPE
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Hackers will be able to...

Explain HOW ther app will be helpful and enhance the happiness and well being of users.

Give EXAMPLES of app offerings to achieve FUN, Laughter, and Collaboration.

Provide audience and user demographics (age, grade, interests) that your app will attract

Create visual prototypes of the app and features

Use media and technology to create and present the main structure and functions of the app content & functions



1)Upload fun audio clips explaining Big Idea and rationale for app.

2) Upload fun individual presentations showing your app sketches/prototypes. Go over the rationale, and research findings that you will be gathering to help you define a clear idea of how your FUN and Amazing app will be to enjoy!

* At least 1 Upload DUE on Mighty Bell by Sunday, July 13,  5 pm YOUTH TIME, or earlier. (2 is better if you can!)


****Note to PV Youth Leads **** 

Try to collaborate with each other before Sunday, to share your ideas and talk it out before we see your individual ideas. 


1) Videotape yourself explaining the app using ideas from #1-3, also show the app drawings or prototypes.


Videotape or take stills of the app design and add a voiceover explaining the app. (Time limit is 2-3 minutes)



Week 2: Development/Coding, Social Media presence begins

Week 3: Marketing & Presentation

Week 4: Continue fixes and practice

Week 5: Add-ons, adjustments, testing


Project Final Deadline (Soft): Aug 18

Project Final Deadline (Hard): Aug 25

English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 12
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1 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating — Research & Develop your FUN App with features and challenges

Pre-Task Read Aloud for ENERGY 

Try This (Then have your parent or a friend try it too):

In a FUN Voice with Tons of Enerrgy,

Try reading this out loud (funny accent or a foreign language is optional).


Your Vision, Revisited

What's the Big Idea?  F-U-N !

So, make it all about F-U-N!  

Create the ideas while HAVING F-U-N! 

Why are we doing this?  

Others will understand, if they forgot to remember...


For your Intro: Come up with something FUN to say about FUN and why it is necessary for LIFE!


Example Intro:


  • To Express 
  • To Enjoy
  • To Play
  • and of course, to COMPETE & PRANK RESPONSIBLY!

PrankVision honors the human right to Laugh, Joke, Play, Game, and Prank! 

We polled the globe looking for evidence to prove that fun is NOT a good thing...IMPOSSIBLE! (Yep)

Have you ever heard anybody say, "That was too fun. I don't like it?"  (NOPE)

or, how about, "STOP, this is too much FUN!"  (Uh-uh, never.)


OK TEAM, so now that you are in a FUN MOOD,



Create & UPLOAD A 20-30 second Audio clip where you will: 

Define your app's Big Idea (with fun, humor, and sound effects if possible) You can use the ideas above or something completely different. Give it your FUN energy. We will listen to these on Sunday as a team.

Tape yourself talking about fun. Tell your friends or family. Ask them what they think is the funnies memory or funnies show, get them talking too! This is your initial research.

You have 15 minutes :) Save your favorite one and send it to us all on Mighty Bell!

2) ONGOING TASK:Research & Collect Evidence of FUN and Proof of the Value of FUN

Create TWO Evidence Banks:Gather pictures, jokes, links, video, and stories. Later, you will create a rough sketch, drawing or a prototype of your APP that matches all of your ideas and where these images will go!

Evidence Bank 1 CONTENTS:  FUN File: Examples of Funny things, videos, laughing, your own laughter, comments and pranks that make people laugh EVERY TIME!

Evidence Bank 2 CONTENTS: Proof of the Value of Fun: Examples of articles proving health benefits of laughter, joy, happiness, joking, as well as educational &medical proof about the brain and body benefits of joy and laughter.


Create a model or sketch/digital drawing(s) of your apps functions and visual design. Use all of the ideas you came up with to make a FUN looking and FUN acting app that will make people laugh themselves silly :) Be over the top, be responsible. Find the fine line!

Make sure you include: Buttons with labels, Logos, Function areas, chats, links, partners, etc.

Challenge #2 : SUNDAY App Prototype Concept Image Boards/Drawings -- Presentation Ideas

1)Videotape yourself and the app drawings or prototype, explaining the app ideas from #1-3 or similar.


2) Create video, stills in iMovie or PowerPoint showing prototype design.

Include a voiceover explaining the app and going over the items in #1-3 or similar.


*Time limit for SUNDAY July 13 BIG IDEA TASK 1 AUDIO: 30 seconds

*Time limit for SUNDAY July 13 PROTOTYPE VIDEO, POWERPOINT is 2-3 minutes



July14-20 Development/Coding, Social Media presence begins

July 21-28 Marketing & Presentation (continue other work)

July 29-Aug 3: Continue fixes and practice (discover needs, presentation, business plan)

Aug 4-11: Add-ons, adjustments, testing

Aug 12-18:

Deadline (Soft): Aug 18

Deadline (Hard): Aug 25