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Search Challenges for Digital Literacy
Fanny P.
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Mercedes-Benz International School
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Students will be able to:

  • learn what keywords are
  • learn how to select appropriate keywords to use the Google search engine
  • collaborate by using a game in the iPad
  • increase their critical thinking skills 
Social Studies
Grades 2
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1 What are keywords?

Go to Digital Passport: https://www.digitalpassport.org/educator-registration/studentLogin and provide the students with logins on their iPad (they use an iPad for two)

Use “Search shark” to discover what keywords are.

Teacher asks the students to explain what is a keyword on Google Classroom via "ask question" and select "students can see each other's answers" and "can edit their answers". The teacher can discuss and make a short definition using all the accurate answers from students. The definition can be written down on a googledoc and shared on Google Classroom for reference.


Student Instructions

Students have 1:2 iPads (2 students share one iPad)

They login to Digital Passport

They play Search Shark (2 students per iPad: to learn sharing/taking turns) to  discover what keywords are.

Students  reply to the question on Google Classroom, collaborate and reply to one another.

2 What am I? | Challenge 1

Students are given 1:1 iPad.

Teachers to show the following video (use projector)


Make sure you watch the videos with annotations

Watch the video 3 times and give a timer (15 min) for the students to complete the challenge.

The teacher asks the students to write their answer on Google Classroom. The teacher would have create a "question" and selected that students "can edit their answers" (therefore encouraging them to try even if they are not sure, make mistakes and change their answers) and "students cannot see other's answers" (so that it's an individual challenge and there is no "cheating" for the final answer but only collaboration while searching online).


Student Instructions

The students watch the video with the teacher and start searching using keywords. They use Google Search App Once they find a place, they can write their answer on Google Classroom.

3 What am I? | Challenge 2

The second challenge is also a short video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvoLiBVqJS0

​The teacher proceeds the same way.

Student Instructions

The students proceed the same way.

4 Wrap Up: What did we learn today?

The teacher asks the students to go to Tellagami App and record a short video of their avatar to share what they have learnt today. This is a reflection activity.

Teacher can "recap" a few ideas before the students create. She/He will expect the students to talk about "keywords" in particular and "sources", "links".

The videos can be uploaded to Google Classroom (by the students or the Teacher) and collated to share on YouTube with parents ("unlisted").

Student Instructions

Students go to Tellagami, create their avatar and record a short video to show what they have learnt.