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Growth Mindset Through Blended Learning - #WithMathICan

This adaptive lesson flow will help students to build a growth mindset in any subject area.
Cory H.
Classroom teacher
iCademy Middle East, Dubai, UAE
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My Grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
My Subjects Social Studies

  1. Students will work on the development of a growth mindset, both individually and collaboratively.
  2. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the material through a process of blended learning and growth mindset development.
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Grades 6 – 12
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1 Before Lesson, At Home - Independent Learning

  • Blended learning allows for work, at home, before students reach the classroom.  The idea is that students have background knowledge of material before reaching the lesson.  To couple this with the acquisition of a growth mindset, your blended learning lesson must allow for students to do the following, by themselves:
    • Ask questions
    • Make observations
    • Draw conclusions 
  • As students will be working to draw conclusions individually, they should be encouraged to feel comfortable to write down everything!  The more questions, observations, and conclusions a students develops, the more they are learning.  
  • Students should know that regardless of what they develop, it is okay if not everything is necessarily correct.  Part of the growth mindset is helping students to become comfortable with the idea that learning comes with both successes and setbacks.  Both are opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Ultimately, whatever the at home activity may be, students should be prepared to bring in their questions, observations, and conclusions to class the next day.  This preparation will pave the way to a deeper understanding from the lesson.

2 Hook

  • I believe that the best way to start a lesson is through reflection.  Whether you want students to look at their work from the previous night or another experience in their lives, the hook gives them the chance to reflect on how the lesson is connected to their lives.
  • Because of this connection to their lives, students will feel comfortable drawing responses to the hook from all aspects of their lives.  In the end, this helps with the growth mindset, because they will feel comfortable looking in all directions to make connections.

3 In-Class Lesson

  • The bulk of the lesson is very open ended and flexible.  What is most important at this point is that students do the following:
    • Reflect upon and connect material from their work at home, to the lesson.
    • Work and have discussions with their fellow classmates.
    • They must be continuously encouraged to develop ideas, while keeping the good ones and disregarding others.  
    • Have a goal in mind that they are working towards and trying to achieve.
  • For blended learning lessons, I like to put a lot of focus on collaborative learning.  A major aspect of the growth mindset is learning to succeed and fail individually.  This skill set is equally as important to gain will collaborative learning.  Students need to understand that developing questions, making observations, and drawing conclusions that are not always correct is not a problem, but is a chance to learn and develop even more ideas.  This is best done with fellow classmates, for we all know that the process from brainstorming to idea development is best done with others.

4 Reflection

  • Throughout this lesson, students have done a lot of reflection on the material at hand.
  • Before they leave for the day, it is important to have them reflect on the process they went through.  I like questions, such as:
    • How did both your successes and setbacks help you to better achieve your end goals?
    • What positive growth did you take from both your individual and collaborative learning?
  • Questions can obviously vary here; however, it is important that students see the importance of the process to the building of their growth mindset.  The best way to achieve this growth mindset in our students, is making them aware of their attributes and how they are being positively affected by them along the way.