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Growth Mindset Skit for Parents

Host a mindset parent night at your school. Have your students come up with examples of fixed mindset and open mindset statements then act them out in front of parents.
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My Grades 3
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Students will be able to...

  • Create written examples and non-examples for fixed and growth mindsets
  • Understand that intelligence can be developed
  • Demonstrate understanding of fixed and growth mindsets through "acting" in front of parents
  • Challenging work grows the brain
English Language Arts
Grades 3
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1 Introduction:

Activity: Presenting

Prior to the parent night, teach kids the growth mindset. For example, use this lesson plan

Make sure kids are familiar with Growth vs Fixed minsets.


Student Instructions

Students will follow the lesson plan outlined in teacher instructions. 

2 Preparing for skits

Activity: Creating

Tell kids that now that they are familiar with fixed vs growth mindsets, they will help teach parents about the growth mindset through skits. 

Tell kids they will work on creating skits that are models of either fixed or growth mindsets that they will act out in front of parents on a parent night. Parents are to determine if the short skit is an example of fixed or growth mindsets

Student Instructions

Kids will get in small groups. Each group creates 2 or 3 short skits that demonstrate at least one fixed and one growth mindset. 

Kids will write their skits on paper or on Google Drive if they have access to that.

Kids will practice their skits when possible prior to a parent night.

For example, one group might have kids saying that math is too hard and they will not get it.

Kids will not tell their parents what mindset they are demonstrating.

3 parent night

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will host a parent night.

At parent night, the teacher will talk about growth vs fixed mindsets with parents in attendance.

Tell parents that student groups will present short skits that demonstrate either fixed or growth mindsets.

If the student group happens to present a fixed mindset, parents will be asked to reinact the skit with a focus on open mindset. Students will then rate the parents' skit and see if they were able to spin it so that it's representative of an open mindset.

Student Instructions

Students act out their skit in front of adults. They will speak clearly and fluently so that they can be heard.

After the skit, they will ask the audience to determin if it was an example of fixed or open mindset.

If it is identified as open, they will ask parents what details made it an open mindset.

If it is identified as fixed, students will ask parents to reinact the skit but with a spin toward open mindset.

Students will give feedback to parents on how the parents did.

4 Closing

Activity: Assessing

Teacher will ask parents if they have any other questions on the fixed vs growth mindsets and how they are being taught and fostered in the classroom. 

Student Instructions

Have students close by giving a few comments and other examples of how they will work on using the growth mindset at home and other out of school settings.