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Gregory Was a Terrible Eater (and So Are You!)

This classic picture book can make building some basic computer skills a blast.
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Students will be able to...

  1. Create a story based on a mentor text
  2. Use Google Docs to write a short story
  3. Use Google Slides to create and share a presentation
  4. Digitally publish a story (optional) 
English Language Arts
Grades 2 – 4
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1 Hook

Activity: Reading

Grab your copy of Gregory the Terrible Eater (of check one out from the library) and lead in by asking students if any of them like junk food. This will likely hook them for an engaging whole group reading.

2 Brainstorming

Inspiration Maps VPP
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Following the reading, ask the students to share ideas of healthy foods they enjoy, as well as "junk food" they might like. However, in keeping with the story, and to add a bit of engaging silliness to the whole lesson, they must think of non-food items similar to those Gregory the goat was expected to eat. 

Record student ideas on the mind map created with Inspiration Maps, encouraging students to help organize the different categories of healthy foods (e.g. fruits, vegetables, etc) and junk foods (old cars, barber poles, etc).

3 Writing

Google Drive
Free, Paid

With the brainstorming map still projected, students will perform a quick write on Google Docs (or other word processing program). Encourage students to borrow elements from the mentor text by weaving a tale of learning to like healthy food after eating too much junk food (or vise versa!).

Note: Emphasize that writing a story inspired by an existing work it is not plagiarism if the original work is attributed and not passed off as an original idea.

4 Presentation

Based on their quick write, students (or partners) will create brief presentations to share with the class. Using a classroom camera or tablets, students will create images to depict their journey from liking one food type to the other. 

Extension: Challenge students to try their hand at Google Drawings to create their images digitally!

5 Publication (Optional)

Want to take this lesson one step further? Task students with creating their own digitally published PDF version of their story to share with families or distant buddy classroom via email. Or better yet with the whole world on your classroom or school website!