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Green Screen Book Reviews

Book reviews using green screen technology!
Elizabeth K.
Media specialist/librarian
York Elementary School
York, United States
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Students will be able to...

  • chorall read a picture book in their level
  • answer questions about the book
  • make personal connections to the book
  • draw a picture of their characters
  • create a review about the book
  • use their answers and reivew to write a script
  • use their script to record their "book burp" (book review)
  • use their recorded review to create their green screen production 
English Language Arts
Grades 2 – 5
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1 Read the Book

Activity: Reading
  1. Assign students to groups, according to reading level, and assign them a picture book in their level
  2. Have students read their assigned book and answer their questions and write a review
  3. Check their worksheet for completness, then have them use it to write a script 
  4. After they finish their scripts, have them draw their background pictures of their characters doing something they would typically do.
Student Instructions
  1. Read your assigned book with your group
  2. Work together through the worksheet
  3. When you are done, then check the worksheet with your teacher
  4. Use your worksheet to write a script, decide who is saying which part from your group
  5. Then create a drawing of your characters from the story, doing something they would typically do.  Make sure you leave room on the bottom for you because this will be your background through the green-screen app.

2 Record the project!

  1. Use your ipad to take a picture of your background drawing
    Go into the Green Screen by Do Ink app: 

    NOTE:This project was done in a classroom with 1 ipad but could be done with more ipads

  2. EXTRA NOTE: add things from the BOTTOM, you need to layer your recording like a building, start with your foundation-the backgroud picure, first, then your recording of you reading your script!

  3. When you finish recording your script push the "PLAY" button to record the layers of your project together and save them to the camera roll

  4. Enjoy sharing your projects with the class!

Student Instructions