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Greek Gods Get a Job

After studying individual characters in Greek Mythology, students will choose a god in which they want to bring into the 21st Century to apply for a job.
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Students will determine the best suited job for their Greek God based on their realm, symbols and relationships among other gods. They will research the gods and determine what job they would do well. We will be looking at career choices, how to fill out an applicationa as well as resume building. 

English Language Arts
Grades 7
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1 Hook

Activity: Other — http://www.greekmythology.com/

Students will research the god of their choice.


2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Other — http://www.careerkids.com/resume.html

Once students have decided which 21st century job thier god will do, they will go to the career site and research what it takes to become certifided in that job. 


Prior exprerience needed

Education (including the best school choices for that particular field)

Extra curricular envolvement for that job etc. 


3 Guided Practice

Activity: Other — http://www.careerkids.com/resume.html

Students will look at the components of a resume, and how to fill it out as if they were the greek god. 

Using the information from thier research they will acutally complete a resume for their greeek god. 


4 Independent Practice

Activity: Other — http://www.wikihow.com/Fill-Out-Job-Application-Forms

Students will begin the completion of an application. They will review the brochure on the application processs. 

5 Wrap-Up

Prezi Classic
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In the end, students will have a complete resume and application completed for their characters. They will include all of the important details that will get their character hired fo that position. 

We will practice interviewing for the job in which they placed their god thorugh mock interview with peers. 

Students may use Prezi to showcase their job.