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Greek and Latin Roots

Word roots and meanings
Elena S.
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My Grades 6, 7
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Students will be able to recognize Greek and Latin roots in words and use these to decipher word meaning.

English Language Arts
Grades 6 – 7
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1 Hook

Students will be introduced to Greek and Latin roots and their importance in deciphering English.


2 Direct Instruction/Guided Practice

Free download but requires site-based subscription

Using some words I have uploaded onto Spelling City, students will try and figure out the common root parts of each word. First I will show them with samples and then I will have them work together with a group of four.  They will share what their results are and get feedback from fellow students and I.

3 Independent Practice

Students will create words using at least 4 of the greek roots that were discussed in class.  They will also find words that have these Greek and Latin roots.  They will present to the class and see if other students can guess the meanings of the words and try to find the words that are made-up and which are actually used in our language.

Students will play the game and try to decipher what Greek and Latin roots mean.  They will see how many they can figure out.

4 Wrap-up

Using imovie trailer, the class will create a small production introducing some Greek and Latin roots.  They may choose any format, from musical to documentary.