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Grades 3 – 5
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Activity: Investigating

PERFORM: Have students stand up and then on the count of 3 Jump up. Students will perform the jump, they will go up and then they will come down. 

ASK: the students to explain what their body was doing while jumping. have them jump again, this time paying attention to their body.

CONVERSE: Have students explain, using precise language, what they just experienced when they jumped up and down. 

ASK: Why do we come back down to earth? Why can we not just continue going up. WHY CANT WE FLY LIKE SUPERMAN!


PRESENT: This crash course video does a great job explaining the basics of gravity. It explains reasons why we do not fly off, and why we come back down to the earth.

CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING: Review the concepts with the students. Have the students add to, and participate in the review. If possible have students take notes while watching the video using noteablity. During this time have them also record the classroom discussion to help them study and review for later. 


DISPLAY: Bring up the Gravity and Orbits lab and allow the students to play around with it.

OBSERVE: Have students manipulate and play around the with mass, and number of plants. They will notice changes and have them create hypothesis to why the plants are crashing into each other, or why planets are rotating around each other. 

QUESTION: Keep questioning the students until either one of them says a key word in which you can build upon, or if one of them says gravity. Then as the class if they can define gravity, or better yet show you.


Activity: Presenting

The purpose of this lab activity is to explain, gravity doesnt pull "down" but instead "towards" the earth. For an example you can you this to explain why you wont fall off the earth if you moved to antartica. 


  • 1 tennis ball
  • 1 rubber band
  • your finger


Wrap the rubber band around the ball. This will represent gravity. The tennis ball will represent earth, and your finger will represent anything made of matter. 

Try to move your finger off the ball, as you will see it will get harder and harder the further away you go. The rubber band help physically demonstrate the force (gravity) pulling toward the earth, and not just down.



PLAY: Have students play around with gravity focus games. Students will become engaged and excited to play these games. While playing students will able to understand how gravity affects the gameplay.