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Graphs of Sine/Cosine

Intro to graphs of sine/cosine using transformations
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My Grades 10
My Subjects Math, Social Studies

Students will be able to graph a sine and cosine function with transformations. 

(amplitude, reflection across the x-axis and vertical stretch)

Grades 11 – 12
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1 Hook

Activity: Presenting
  • Show  the "Human Powered Ferris Wheel" video.  
  • Ask students to pick out one rider on the video and follow his path. What do they notice and wonder?
  • ASK: What are the different types of graphs you have studied? What are their shapes? How does your new sketch (points) differ from the graphs from previous years? (person's height is periodic, it repeats over time; other functions are "finite") How are the graphs similar? (All are functions and the y-values are unique for each x.
Student Instructions
  • Sketch a graph of your person's height as a function of time. Write one sentence about what you notice.

2 Direct Instruction

2 minute review of graphs of previous parent functions:  Use desmos to graph y = x^2 + 3 and shift it up 5 units, etc. Get students to move graphs left/right, shrink/stretch and reflect. Share with a neighbor to check for understanding.



Student Instructions
  • Use Desmos to explore transformations.