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Graphing System of Equations

Today we will graph systems of equations So we can determine the possible outcomes. We will know we have it when we can describe how the graphs of various solutions differ
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Students will be able to identify the type of solution a system of equation will have by analyzing a graph.

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1 Hook

The activity Polygraph: Liner Systems can be used to hook students.  They will use prior knowledge to help build vocabulary for the current lesson.  This activity pairs students with one another to play a game based activity, similar to the game Guess Who.

2 Direct Instruction

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During this step students will have access to view a video on identifying the solutions of linear systems.  Using Edpuzzle will allow me to assess who imy students in order to group them accordingly.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Other — KEM Student Workbook

Teacher will go over an example as well as address any questions that arise during the direct instruction/mini lesson.

4 Independent Practice

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Students will use IXL to practice the skills learn during the lesson.  Using the Analytics real time tool, the teacher can view the progress of students and create a small pullout group or one to one instruction to address any misconceptions.

5 Wrap Up

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Teacher will assess the understanding of the students by asking them to identify the type of solution a system of equation has as well as a visual graph.  The teacher will receive immediate feedback in order to know how to move forward.