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Graphing Lesson

Students will create a graph
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Students will be able to display collected data in a bar graph and students will be able to draw conclusions about their data by analysis.

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1 Productive Struggle Digital Graphs

Activity: Creating

Teacher will model appropriate group work—using our learning progression standards, models of success, making a plan first and following through.

Students will be given jobs in their groups.

Teacher will model how to input information, to make a graph on google forms (format given through Q.R. code), and a handwritten graph. Students will compare their own graphs to ensure the information presented is identical.

Teacher will then take out a graph that has been pre made (to save a little time), and we will model analyzing our data and making notes on a separate piece of chart paper (every group will get 2—one to display the data in a bar graph, and one to write about analysis). Some students will input information into a premade google form to show their graphs digitally.

Students will be offered time to ask questions and offer feedback. They will be instructed to go off on their own to get busy.

Student Instructions

Students will work in their learning progression groups and given time to create their graphs and analysis charts. Teachers will walk around and encourage accountable talk and mediate any issues reaching consensus in a group about the type of graph they would like to make. The groups are differentiated by ability, therefore it is hoped that each student will participate and learn actively since each person has something vital to share with their groups. Each group will have a learning progression packet on their given standard. These packets contain the universal success criteria, their given standard, model of success, and examples of unsuccessful graphs. The 2nd grade learning progression packet has been previously previewed in class.

The students will participate in a carousel, and give feedback to other groups. They will be given post its 3 each—2 stars and a wish. They will be given some time to go back and look at the feedback on their graphs. We will share our feedback and discuss what we learned in a whole group closing.

Students will present their digital graphs by looking through the google docs pages created by the teacher. Students will be given a google form exit slip to discuss what discoveries they made today.