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Graphing Data from the Real World

After learning about the types of graphs, and how to collect data for a survey, students will be creating their own survey question. Following this, they will analyze this data to create a bar graph and give a presentation to the class using Prezi.
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Students will be able to...

-identify a population to survey and create a survey question based on a real world company of their choice

-conduct a survey both on paper and online using Google Docs and Forms

-analyze data to create a bar graph using Google Sheets

-compile the findings and data into a comprehensive presentation using Prezi

Grades 5
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1 Connecting Background Math Content and Setting the Scene for the Project

Activity: Presenting

Prior to this project, students would have completed the chapters in our math curriculum related to collecting/analyzing data and creating/analyzing graphs.  First, I would review terms such as survey, samples, random samples, etc. before allowing the students to create the question for their survey.  They need to be sure they can identify a specific population and ensure their question will apply to that population as well as will allow them to make some decisions based on the data as the pretend CEO of their chosen company.  This portion would be spent discussing as a class to get them excited about what company they will choose and what they want to know.

2 Creation of a Google Form for Collecting Data

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Students will create a Google Form using Google Drive to survey their population.  Depending on your access to resources, you can allow students to post this link to a blog or site, or the teacher can post the link to their website and students can invite others to fill out their surveys from there.

3 Analyzing Data Collected and Creating a Frequency Table in Google Sheets

After collecting the data through Google Forms, show students how to get the results in Google Sheets.  Students will then take the data and sort it into another sheet where they can create a frequency table.  The frequency table will be needed to help to create a graph using Google Sheets.  I created a short video using  the Screencastify extension on Google Chrome to show students how to do this step.  This allowed me to give the students some independence on how to make the graph and allowed them to have a video to refer to as they worked on it.  They could view the video multiple times and pause as needed to create their graph.  Students then saved the graph into a folder in Drive.

4 Creating the Graphing Project Presentation

Prezi Classic
Free, Paid

After using Google Drive, students will use the website Prezi to create a presentation to share with students.  The Prezi will then be shared and presented to their classmates and also will be linked on the teacher website for parents and others to view.