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Graphing, Charting, Averaging while Keyboarding - #WithMathICan

While students practice their typing WPM, they will also complete with all the other classes by charting thier weekly WPM as a class/grade/school
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Students will be unleashing their inner competitor while practicing their typing and simple math skills. Students will begin by assessing their typing speed and accuracy, once they collect the data they will complete graphs, charts, and tables representing their data. Afterwards they will set goals and expectations on themselves and on their class, week by week, month by month by setting up benchmarks and coming up with ways to achieve that goal. By learning from others via discussion and recording their new records and limits a growth mindset is encouraged by highlighting the construction of knowledge as a group.

Grades 4 – 7
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1 Typing Tests

Free to Try, Paid
Free, Paid

Any typing website you use within class will probably have a way to measure a students WPM. Once you find this feature instruct students to "test you typing speed"

Have students understand that they will be completing the test to establish goals for themselves. Students will being by viewing their WPM at the beginning of the term. Throughout the term students will test again and you will gather the information.

2 Gather Data

Activity: Assessing

Students will finish the test with a min or two of each other, so after the students find out their score they just took (not their best score of all time, but the one they just did) have them wait for everyone to finish and place their speeds on the board.


Student Instructions

Once you complete the typing test and are given your WPM. Please walk to the board and write your speed. Afterwards have a seat and wait further instruction

3 Creating the Average

The teacher will view the numbers and will then ask the students, whose speed should we use to represent this class. Have the students think about it, some will raise their hand to volunteer their score to represent, others will say "pick the best", some will say "pick the worst so we can fool other classes." However, either wait for a student to suggest averaging, or guide them in that direction.

Once the class has agreed on averaging the scores, then have the students walk you through the steps to average their "class speed"

4 Creating a Graph,Chart

Create a graph utilizing the x axis (dates), y-axis (speed) and a key showing different colors/shapes for different classes or grades. Then throughout the year measure the students progress and have them set goals for their next test. This will teach them to set attainable goals, and not just throw out the highest number. They will also learn to plan, and practice for a purpose.