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Graphing a linear function

Students will be able to integrate tech to demonstrate their understanding of how to graph a linear function on a Cartesian coordinate grid
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My Grades 8
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Students will be able to...

Draw and label a graph with x and y axis

Find b the y-intercept

Find m the rate of change

Graph the line of a linear function

Grades 8
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1 What is a function - Hook

Teacher will show video describing elements of a graphing a linear function.

Teacher will introduce vocab

Teacher will address prior knowledge to ensure students understand a function involves one input and one output

Student Instructions

Students will write and record vocab and definitions

2 How to graph a Function - Direct instruction

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will write equation y=2x+5 on smartboard

Teacher will highlight the 2 and 5 and ask students to define the difference between a whole number and a coefficient of a variable

Teacher will explain that the 2 is a rate of change and the 5 represents the y-intercept and redefine those terms.

Teacher will mark a point on the graph at (0,5) explaining this is the y-intercept because x has a value of 0 and the line of the equations passes through the y-axis at 5

Teacher will count the rate of change, also known as rise over run or slope on the graph by counting 2 squares upwards and one across

Student Instructions

Students will use whiteboards to note down everything teacher is doing.

Students will use graph paper to copy down graph teacher is drawing

3 Graphing the function - Guided practice

Students will be asked to complete graphs from equations and complete equations from given graphs.

Student Instructions

Students will use desmos calculator to graph their own equations.

They will complete equations for given graphs by filling in missing rate of change and or y-intercept

4 Graphing mini quiz

Free, Paid

Teacher will direct students to use their chromebooks or other available device to access a teacher made quiz on quizlet.

This will CFU with vocab, procedures, and independent skill level

Student Instructions

Students will log on to chromebooks and follow the link on their google classroom to access quizlet quiz

5 Wrap up

Activity: Assessing

Teacher will issue a ticket out the door to all students and give them 5 minutes to complete the questions

Student Instructions

Students will complete a TOTD

They will highlight and label an equations for m and b

they will correctly identify those elements on a graph