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Grammar Rock Revamp

Students will remake the Grammar Rock songs with a modern twist.
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Students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the parts of speech by writing and recreating new versions of songs for the parts of speech. 

English Language Arts
Grades 6 – 9
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1 Project Introduction

Activity: Other — Introduction

Give the students the Student Instruction Letter.

Student Instructions

Graham R. King from P.O.S. records has contacted me in hopes of producing a new label.  He feels that the School House Rock videos have become outdated and irrelevant and wants something “more modern” to appeal to students of the 21st century.  He has recruited my class, the students of _____________________, to reinvent school house rock. 

He does have a few requirements:

1) It must be marketable to all students, no matter what age. (Appropriateness)

2) Each track must be at least a minute long.

3) Each track must include what the part of speech is  (definition), what function it has in a sentence/English Language, what it modifies, examples, and any other relevant information important to understanding your part of speech.

Mr. King is looking for creativity: something new, edgy, yet informative.  I have told him if any group of students would be up to the challenge, it would definitely be my class!

We will be using Audacity for the project.  This program will allow you to place music, voice, sound, and pictures to create music with a video/slideshow.

Your grade will be based on the above requirements, creativity, and how well you work in your group.

2 Group work.

Activity: Investigating

Assign groups.  Give each group a different part of speech.

Students should research and/or use their class notes to research their part of speech.  

The students need to come up with original lyrics, and can not reuse any part of the original songs.

Before any recording is done, students should work in their groups to write their lyrics on paper.  They also should decide what genre of music their song will be.

3 Project Creation

After the students have worked in their groups and have created their song lyrics with provided teacher feedback, they are ready to record and finalize their project.

Students should use audacity to record their final projects.  All final projects should be submitted electronically to the teacher.  

The teacher should take a day to have students present their songs (and class CD).

For an additional assignment, students can submit CD cover designs.  Canva is a great resource for this.