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Grade 3 Writing Lesson: Plan

Writer's workshop lesson for planning of a piece of writing.
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  • Students will apply the writing process to plan, draft, revise, edit and publish writing using correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other standard conventions appropriate for grade level.
    • Students will use prewriting activities and inquiry tools to generate and organize information, guide writing and answer questions (e.g., sketch, brainstorm, diagram, free write, graphic organizer, digital idea mapping tool, word processing tools, multimedia)
English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 4
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1 Hook

Using Educreations Interactive Whiteboard have students illustrate and record a short presentation.  In this short presentation students will share three important and unique qualities about them (these qualities will be worked into their final piece of writing.  Once students have had a few minutes to complete their "All About Me" presentation have them pair up with a friend and share.  As students share walk around the room listening and guiding discussions as needed. 

2 Direct Instruction


Use the App Popplet to model how to make a mind map.  The center of the mind map should be your name.  As you create the map add bubbles to your name bubble that will help you generate ideas for your story.  As you model the mind mapping strategy encourage students to think about the topic of their writing so that their mind will match.  This mind will be referred throughout the writing process to help us keep track of our thinking and purpose for writing. 

Example Joe Jacoby> Personal History> Education> Dreams>Special Talents. 


3 Guided Practice


After modeling how to create a mind map using Popplet have students begin working on their own device to generate ideas for their piece of writing.  Continue to display your modeled Popplet so students can refer to it as a guide for their own mind maps.  Encourage students to come up with ideas that aren't part of the modeled map.  Once students have started work on Popplet walk around the room and pull students as needed to help support in the planning process of writing.

After students have completed their Popplet mind map have them mix around the room pairing up with friends to share.  Encourage students to add to or change their mind map if they get an idea from another classmate.   

4 Independent Practice

Encourage students to add three or more ideas to their mind map and continue brainstorming for the planning of their story.  As students complete their mind map have them watch "The Writing Process" Brain Pop on the Brain Pop App.  Once they have finished watching the Brain Pop have them complete the Quiz and record their score on the App.  After all students have complete their mind map complete the Wrap-Up portion of the lesson.  Encourage students who have not yet completed the Brain Pop to do so as homework or a free time activity. 

5 Wrap-Up

Once students have completed their Popplet have them save the image to the device and import it into Educreations.  Then have students record and "talk" to their device about their ideas for this piece of writing and why they feel that their mind map "bubbles" are important.  Once students have completed recording their mind map in Educreations have a couple students share with the class.  Remind students that this mind map will help them as we continue writing on this topic and that mind mapping can help us generate our ideas as we plan for any piece of writing.