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Students learn to identify quantities under five using fun and familiar images
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Students will be able to...identify quantities under five

Students will be able to recognize equivalent groups

Grades Pre-K – K
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1 HOOK/ATTENTION GETTER : Counting Counting 1,2,3 Counting Counting 1 for you 2 for me

Activity: Reading

Teacher will ask students to recall the most recent counting book we read together as a whole group, Ten Red Apples.

Teacher will introduce another fun counting book to read to the class.

Teacher will read Horse and Hen Count to Ten.

Teacher will ask students to recount the animals and numbers


2 Direct Instruction

Teacher will explain to students that there are all sorts of ways to make learning numbers and quantities fun.

Besides books there are blocks located in the library that can be used for this activity and there is also a new app teacher will introduce.

Next teacher will introduce app and model correct usage.

Teacher will demonstrate how to open app and how to begin.



3 Guided Practice

Teacher will pair students up to share the use of an ipad.

Students will go back to device and work in pairs to identify quantities and equivalents.

Teacher will walk around the carpet where students are sitting to help manage devices and apps as well as check for understanding.

4 Independent Practice

When students have finished the game teacher will allow time for one more way to learn counting.

Teacher will allow students to transition from carpet to cybrary where desktop computers are located. There the link for www.abcya.com will be open and the page Birthday Candle Counting will be open. There students can practice counting as well as hand eye coordination using the mouse.


5 Wrap up

Activity: Reading

Students will be brought back to carpet to ask what favorite way to count was?



desktop computer

Upon leaving the library teacher will suggest books with a counting theme that are on display for book checkout.