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Government: The Roles of the President of the United States

The Roles of the U. S. President (POTUS)
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My Grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
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Students will be able to:

  • Identify powers of the executive branch described in Article II of the U.S. Constitution
  • Describe the responsibilities of the president of the United States of America
  • Evaluate the difficulty of certain presidential responsibilities
  • Name the current president and vice president and their political party
  • Locate sources of presidential power within the U.S. Constitution
Social Studies
Grades 8 – 9
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1 Warm-up/Hook/Attention Getter: What do you think are the roles of the President? Create a to do list.

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1.  Start your Padlet Interactive Tool

2. Ask students to brainstorm their ideas on what they think the President has to do as apart of their job.

3. Students can give their answers on the Padlet tool.

4. Call on students to share their responses orally in class.

5. Review the list with the students

6.  Check their responses against list of roles of the President

6. Save a copy of the slide with the students’ ideas if you are using an interactive whiteboard


Student Instructions

Answer the following question on the Padlet app of the iPad:

What does the president do? Create a to-do list for the president. Try to think of as many things as possible.

2 Direct Instruction: The President's Rule Book/All in a Day's Work

  1. Refer to the U.S. Constitution Article II using the Powerpoint presentation
  2. The teacher will help the students to identify the roles of the President as detailed in the U.S. Constitution article II excerpt using the Powerpoint Presentation
Student Instructions
  1. Read along on power point presentation of the U.S. Constitution Article II
  2. Students can read aloud sections of the reading to practice their skill.
  3. Take note important parts of the reading for easy reference later on.

3 Guided Practice: Let's Focus on the U.S. Constitution Article II Section 1-3

  1. Distribute the graphic organizer to the class.
  2. Students will complete a graphic organizer on the roles of the president from the reading and from the U.S. Constitution Article II, teacher power point presentation  from iCivics and from the Youtube video presented
  3. Use the Quizlet App Tool so students can practice before the Kahoot Class Contest
Student Instructions

1. Complete/Fill-In the graphic organizer on the roles of the President from your sources (U.S. Constitution Article II, teacher-directed iCivics power point presentation and the YouTube video presented on the Roles of the President)

2. Play along on the Quizlet app tool with the class to see how much you know before we take the Kahoot Class Contest

4 Independent Practice: Let's Find out what we know about the Roles of the President

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  1. Start Kahoot with class: The Roles of the President


2. Facilitate the students in playing the game on iCivics.com www.icivics.org/games/executive-command

Student Instructions
  1. Play along in Kahoot with class and teacher by entering the user code
  2. Play the game www.icivics.org/games/executive-command

5 Wrap-Up/Time to Go: Let's see how much we have learned

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Let us end the class by asking students to compare the responsibility they thought of at the beginning of class to the responsibilities they learned about in the lesson.

Have students look at the Padlet Roles of the President that we compiled in the beginning of class

On another Padlet, have students write down the responsibility they thought of and the presidential power that most closely matches it. 

Student Instructions

On the Padlet App, submit your response:

From one of the jobs that you submitted in the beginning of class, what is the presidential power that closely matched your answer.


Something to think about:  Do you think our current president has been accomplishing any of these roles and how? Explain your response.  Give Examples.  Do you think we are bias when we are discussing the current president?