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Got a problem? Design a Robot to Fix It!

The world has many problems that need solved. Why not design and build a robot to solve a problem?
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Using Tiny Bop's Robot Factory:

Students will be able to  identify a problem that needs a solution.

Students will design a robot to solve their identified problem.

Students will create and test their own robot in the app.

Student will learn perseverance through problems they encounter in the test environment to make adjustments to their robot.

English Language Arts
Grades K – 5
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1 Introduction to Robot Factory

Before you introduce the app to your class it is recommended you spend sometime familiarizing yourself with all the features of this App.  It may be helpful to read the manual.

Some things to consider:

  • Will you allow your students time to get acquainted with the App?  How much time?
  • Will this be a partnership project or an individual project.
  • You may want to print off the manual to help with thoughtful robot design.
Student Instructions

With the whole group  review the manual to familiarize students with the different body parts and features of their robot design.

I gave my student time to explore the App so that when the actual design work started they would not get caught up in the App and making it work for them.

2 Design a Robot to Improve Your World

Activity: Creating

Every student has a problem right?   This is where students will brainstorm  all the problems there are that need to be solved.   It may be as simple as making the bed or as complex as a robot who cleans up the planet

Your job will be to get a useable list of problems that need solved with your students.

Student Instructions

Take some time and think about where are their problems at your school, your neighborhood,  and your city

Write or draw the problems you see around you.

3 Design a robot for change

Activity: Drawing

In this step is where copies of the app's manual may be helpful as they design and create a robot to improve their world in some way.

Ask the students to design a robot that will improve their world in some way.  

This is where you want your students to thoughtfully design what kind of robot they want and what they want to change and why.

Students will need :

Graph or Drawing Paper
Markers, crayons, or colored pencils
Younger students may benefit from copies of the manual so they can cut out and glue body parts to avoid drawing frustrations.

Student Instructions

Pick one problem from your list or the class list that you think a robot can solve.

As you begin to design your robot think about these questions:

1.How is your robot going to help change your world.

2.  What special features will your robot need ? 

Draw up your design for your robot.  Be sure to highlight the special features of your robot and how it's going to enable it to solve your problem.


4 Build Your Robot

After their drawing and reasons have been approved  they can then go into the app and start creating their robot.

The great thing about this app is that once your student builds their robot they have the ability to test out their robot.  

During this time the students may have to make changes to their original design.  When this happens have your students make changes in the app and on their drawing.  Then have them explain why the changes needed made. 

Student Instructions

Take your drawing and create your robot.

Then once construction of your robot is finished take a picture of your robot and add it to your design book.

Then head to the test environment to see if your invention worked.

If it didn't go back to your design and make changes and then test out your adjustments.

5 Robot Celebration

Activity: Conversing

After all the creating and tweaking has been done and you have a robot celebration.  During the celebration you can have student talk about the process they had to go through to create their robot.  Then if you have the capabilities, have them demonstrate how their robot works to the class.

Student Instructions

Congratulations!  You have designed a robot.  Think about how you are going to show your classmates everything your robot can do.