Lesson Plan

Google SketchUp

This lesson introduces students to Google SkeptchUp, its basic tools, commands, and functions, and the the practical applications of 3D modeling softwares such as 3D printing.

Students will be able to reproduce designs and 3D drawings.

Students will be able to create and modify designs and 3D drawings

Grades 6 - 9
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

We are going to  open the lesson by showing the class this quick video about the applications and possibilities of 3D printing. Since we have access to 3D printing technology in our classroom, its exciting and attention getting to show our students more about 3D printing, and let them know that we will be working up to that end result. But before we can start printing things, we have to learn how to model them. 

Student Instructions

If there are any vocabulary terms used in the video that you didn't know the meaning of, write them down and we will discuss them. 

2 Direct Instruction

Free, Paid

Give students a chance to submit any vocab words they didn't know from the video , and then discuss their definitions as a class. Add in any voacb words that the video did not use for this lesson and unit.

Once we are done with vocab, open up google sketch up, and begin going through the basic tools and commands. Relate it back to 3D modeling in order to 3D print in order to keep the students engaged. 

Have the class open google sketch up and follow along, tkaing notes is probably a good idea.

Go through which template to use and which toolbars to set. Draw basic shapes, define certain sizes, dimension drawings, etc. Have students try each one. 



Student Instructions

If you wrote down any vocab works from the video, go ahead and submit them through Socrative . I'll give you 2 minutes to submit your responses, and then we'll discuss as a class. 

Open Google SketchUp and follow along as we go through some of the basic tools and commands. You may want to take notes.


3 Guided Practice

Free, Paid

Give a packet of handouts to each student. The handouts are drawings of slightly more complex 3D designs that the students will be recreating. They have to have an instructor sign off on the completion of each design, and can ask the instructors or their classmates for help. 

Student Instructions

Using what we just learned, try and recreate each of the drawings in this packet. You will need to make your drawings the same size and the dimensions in the packet, and one of the insturctors will need to sign off on each design. If you have any questions, ask us or feel free to ask your neighbor. 

4 Independent Practice

Using Google Images, students will look up images of either a building or a classic car that they select from a hat. Students will then individually draw their item in Google SketchUp.  If they do not finish in class, they will complete their drawing for homework. 

Student Instructions

Pick a piece of paper out of this hat. Each paper has on it the name of a famous or iconic building, or a classic car. Your job is to use Google Images to find pictures of your item, and recreate it using Google SketchUp. You'll have almost until the end of class to work on this individually. 5 minutes before the end of class, we are going to come back together, and if you need more time to finish your drawing, complete it for homework. 

5 Wrap Up

Using socrative, we will do a quick exit ticket to see how well the students are understanding the material and what questions they still have.

Student Instructions

Complete the exit ticket using Socrative!