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Google Sites • Digital Portfolio

Creating an Online Artist Identity and Portfolio: Students will learn the steps to creating a digital portfolio.
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
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Creating an Online Artist Identity and Portfolio: Students will learn the steps to creating a digital portfolio. They will then brainstorm ideas for a business card for their company/artist identity, including a logo or design for their online portfolio and business card. Finally they will create their business card design in Canva. Students will need experience with color theory and the elements of art and principles of design to complete this project.  Students will create an online artist persona that is a complete branded identity in order to reach a global audience with their art. They will design a business card in order to network with other artists as an authentic experience at the next local art opening, as well as the high school art exhibition in the spring.

Students will be able to:

  • Obtain a digital photo of themselves and all of  their artwork work through the use of either a webcam or digital camera or mobile device.
  • Manipulate the digital photo to create the most aesthetically pleasing image.
  • Create a website using Google Sites.
  • Insert images onto the website online.
  • Understand the importance of proper design and color theory.
  • Understand the importance of audience analysis.
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Obtaining Images

  • Students obtain a digital photo of themselves and their work by either using their laptop web camera, digital camera, or a mobile device.
  • Save the digital photos to Google Drive in their class portfolio folder.
  • OPTION - Have the students digitally manipulate and or enhance their photo using their photo editing software on the laptop or mobile device.

2 Online Branding/Design

  • Students use their personal logo or design from the branding and identity project.  If not, this can be sketched in sketchbook, photographed or created digitally in Google Drawing or another program of their choice.
  • Students choose an appropriate color scheme that will enhance their online presence as an artist.  This should work well with the images to be used in the digital portfolio.
  • Formative Assessment:  talk with each student about their ideas and reference to their artist identity.  Does the design and color scheme reflect their identity? Their work? Provide feedback and refine.

3 Website Design

  • Students open Google Drive and navigate to their Google Drive folder with their portfolio of images.
  • Students then spend time browsing possible design ideas by looking at existing Google Sites and other online digital portfolios of artwork.  Look at existing website designs, as well as other layout designs. Sketch designs that are appealing in their sketchbook.
  • Demo - Google Sites design tutorial.  Teacher example design - drag and drop, uploading images, moving elements, etc.  Students create a demo layout.
  • Students sketch a design of their idea for their digital portfolio website in their sketchbook and decide on which colors to use. Students should be instructed to think about who (audience) they will be targeting and what colors would be appropriate for them.
  • Students create their digital portfolio website using Google Slides based on their designs.
  • At least 3 pages:  Home (with about section), Portfolio, and Contact (contact can appear as social media links in the footer = advanced)
  • No addresses, maps or phone numbers
  • Formative Assessment:  Preview website design for process.  Sketchbook design should be accessible to reference.  Color theory - what colors chosen and why? What is the message?
  • Save website as LastName Portfolio, or some other appropriate portfolio website URL

4 Submission/Assessment/Critique

Activity: Assessing
  • Upload link to Digital Portfolio to Google Classroom assignment
  • Rubric for Grading Art
  • Class critique - upload URL  to Google Classroom post. Each student conducts a critique of at least 3 works in the portfolio.  (2 glows and a grow)
  • Global Critique:  Post the URL to a discussion board to obtain feedback from a global audience.
  • Practice Digital Citizenship and authentic digital presence

5 Extensions

  • Update the digital portfolio website to reflect portfolio as well as extension pages: Resume/CV, exhibitions, commissions, etc.
  • Create social media presence with student artist identity