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Google Drive for classroom created newsletter

We used Google Drive to organize and create a student created class newsletter.
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Login to and access their district provided Google accountStudents will be able to:

  • Login to and access their district provided Google account (if your district is GAFE)
  • Navigate the new Drive environment
  • Find and use files and documents
  • Create and customize a document(s)
  • Upload and export files and documents
  • Design and utilize a folder-sharing environment
  • Utilize comment and chat features to leave feedback
  • Upload images and video into a Google document






English Language Arts
Grades 4 – 6
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1 Setting up Google Accounts for students

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Students will need to be able to login to their Google accounts. We have ours set up through our district because of the age restrictions and are a GAFE district.  For this activity though they will need a Google account. 

2 Create table in Google Documents

Google Drive
Free, Paid


In my classroom we had three teams of students working together on various editions of the class newsletter.  For each team they had a folder that I shared out with them through Google Drive. In that folder was a table that included the sections we wanted to include in our newsletter (video, images, news in the school, staff highlight, ect) and was color coded. Students were able to go in and brainstorm together what they needed to include and what they were working on.  I loved the commenting piece in this too because they wouldsend each other feedback.

Here's an example of one: http://goo.gl/IdzLGG

Student Instructions

Once this table is shared to to each student, they will begin to collaborate in real-time with team members on what content they would like to include in their newsletter.  You can show them have to leave a comment to other team members on their research and information they are adding to the table. 

Adding in comments also allows for great direct instruction in appropriate things to say through a comment, grammar, punctuation, and some key ideas for a digital citizen. 

Here's an example of one: http://goo.gl/IUxYdi


3 Students create newsletter in Google Template

Google Drive
Free, Paid

In the shared folder I gave the team the template of the newsletter to start working on (I just found a free template thorugh searching Google's public templates).  Students worked on this piece as they had time throughout the day and some stayed after school to work on the finished product. 

We also worked through Pages on a few newsletters so they could be sharing these out through ePubs, and then include the video and audio easier. 

Student Instructions

Students were to complete their specific news area and have it edited twice by a teammate before having my check it.