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Going Places

Introductory essay incorporating different writing genres
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Huntington Middle School (Huntington, WV)
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My Grades 8
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Students will be able to...use narrative, descriptive, informative, and persuasive writing in this fun introductory exercise about their favorite vacation area.

English Language Arts
Grades 8
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1 Hook

TedEd video will be used as hook to engage students in the thought process about a vacation spot. This can be either some distant place or somewhere they go in their area during summer break.

2 Direct Instruction

During this brainstorming lesson, students will be able to explore National Geographic Education website to find several well-known sites in the world where people vacation. As they prewrite and organize, they will record known information about the site they choose to write on. Students may use this app or Bing to search for information on the history of their chosen location.

3 Guided Practice

Free, Free to Try, Paid

Guided Practice website will be used to create storyboards for telling the story of each student's chosen location and how it is an important place in their lives. They will follow the following format for organizing information into paragraphs: Introduction, Descriptive, Informative, Persuasive, Conclusion. 

4 Independent Practice

Students will use the storyboard to then create an essay using Independent Practice website, which will be the assessment for this unit. The introductory paragraph will be narrative, followed by a paragraph describing their chosen location using as many descriptive words/phrases as possible. Students will then use researched information to write an informative paragraph about the history of the location. Persuasive writing skills will be used to convince others to visit this site in the next paragraph, which will be followed by a narrative conclusion. 

5 Wrap-Up


Students will be given the opportunity to publish their essays on the Wrap-Up app, turning it into an article with pictures.