Lesson Plan

Global Warming... What do you Think?

This is a lesson that will allow students to explore the issue of Global Warming and form their own opinions about whether they buy into the idea or not.
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My Grades 7
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Students will be able to define and describe the term Global Warming in their own words.

Students will be able to describe what causes Global Warming and be able to describe how it works.

Students will write their own persuasive essay based on their opinions on Global Warming to the best of their ability.

Grades 7 – 12
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1 Bellwork

For this lesson you will need 1:1 Chromebooks so that the students can view materials and type their essays at the end.

Students will read the attached article and then answer the question "What is the difference between a fact and an opinion?"

When the students are through answering the question discuss this idea with them.

Student Instructions

Read the attached article and answer the question in your notebook...

"What is the difference between a fact and an opinion?"

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Presenting

Start off by discussing what the Greenhouse Effect is and how greenhouse gases trap and send back radiated energy from the sun.  Too much greenhouse gas and too much energy is trapped, not enough greenhouse gas and we trap to little energy. 

At this step it would be helpful to draw a diagram along with the students using a smartboard (if you have one) or chalkboard.

Student Instructions

Listen to the teacher lecture and take notes when asked to.

3 Guided Practice

Have the students split into partners and watch the attached YouTube video.  The students should use this and their textbooks or provided articles to come up with a list of sources that produce excess greenhouse gas. 

Student Instructions

Watch the video above with a partner and use your workbooks to create a list off different resources that produce extra greenhouse gas.

You should have at least 5 different sources listed.

4 Direct Instruction #2

Activity: Presenting

Have the students share their lists with the class.

Instruct the students on different sources of excess greenhouse gas and then begin to discuss that their is a lot of disagreement in this country (USA) about whether or not excess greenhouse gas can lead to significant global temperature increases.

*inform the students that most scientists support this theory and it is not very debated outside of America in other developed countries

Student Instructions

Share your list with the class!

Listen to teacher lecture and take notes when asked to.

5 Indpendent Practice

Instruct the students that to write their essay they should use the above videos as samples and use the internet to read other articles and watch other videos to help them formulate their opinions. 

*The second video has one cuss word at the beginning, advise students or remove the video if students cannot handle it

Student Instructions

The time has come!

You will use the above videos as well as other videos and articles that you find on your own time to gather research in order to answer the following question in an Essay format:

"Do you believe in Global Warming?  Please explain your opinion to your reader using actual evidence.  Cite at least 3 resources APA style."

6 Exit Slip

Activity: Other — Answer on a slip of paper

Collect answers

Student Instructions

On a slip of paper answer the following question:

"Why is the issue of Global Warming such a hot topic right now?"