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Give an Effective Presentation-Roman Newscast

Students will want to keep in mind the way newscasters present information as they prepare and present their own newscast.
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Students will be able to...create and present a newscast about life in ancient Rome.

Social Studies
Grades 6
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1 Gather the News

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Engage students by asking the following question as a bellringer activity (hook): What sorts of issues and topics are covered on modern newscasts and how those topics are presented? In 140 words or less, state your views on this.

2 Write Your Report


Before students dive into responding to the writing prompt, students will read the article on ThinkCERCA titled, "News Writing For Television and Radio by Ricky Telg" As a quick formative assessment, students complete five questions to check for student understanding of the text.

After reading the text, students will be using this article to work in teams to present a newscast about life in ancient Rome.

Flipped Classroom model-Students view a video on Newscast Presentation 2 to model the thought process.

3 Guided Practice

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Now that students have watched the video on Newscast Presentation, students will complete a short quiz for video comprehension. Students will begin to use the Internet to gather information about their assigned topic. News Teams should collect facts about Ancient Rome's politics and wars. Sports teams should find information about Roman athletic events. Special Reports teams might focus on topics such as science, economics, religion or medicine. Editorial teams should take a stand on an important issue in Roman history.

Provide supports when students need assistance and make sure they are using their steps.

4 Making A Newscast


After you have gathered facts for your part of the newscast, write a report about your topic. Be sure to address any questions that a viewer might have about this topic, such as what happened and why it was important. Choose one or two students from your group to be the newscasters who will read the reports to the class.

Your newscast should present the facts clearly and concisely. Rehearse with your team before doing your iMovie presentation.

5 Wrap Up


Peer reviews. After students have completed their drafts, type them up and upload them to Turnitin.com for peer reviews.

Students may need support in what to look for when reviewing the work of their peers. I have included:

1. What did you like best about the report?

2. What questions do you have about the report/

3. Were the reasons supported with enough evidence from the text?

4. What suggestions would you make to the writer to improve their report?