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Gingerbread Houses

Problem solving and spatial geometric concepts
Brenda A.
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Kearney West High School
Kearney, United States
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My Grades 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
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1 Hook: This week we are going to satisify the sweet tooth as well as satisfy our curiosity of gingerbread houses. We are going to watch a short video of constructing a house, but ultimately the design and style will be all your imagination can muster!

Students will be planning the structure they are going to make. They will need to provide a scale drawing with dimensions, angles, labels, and materials to be used.

Student Instructions

Discuss ideas and plans to begin construction. Review concepts like scale, how to use a protractor and reading a ruler.

2 Guided Practice

Activity: Drawing

Students will be given plain and graph paper to begin construction of their house. Design size cannot exceed 8 inch X 8 inches. Everything used must be edible. Students will need to calculate square footage of their house, including roof. If a sidewalk is put in place then students will need to length of sidewalk yardage. Students must provide the scale of their design.Students will also label the "pitch" or angle of their roof. They will provide this information on a sheet I will give them.

Student Instructions

Materials you will need are: plain paper graph paper ruler protractor imagination You will now begin your sketch of your design. Keep in mind you must create you house on a scale. Houses cannot exceed a size of 8 inches X 8 inches. Everything used to construct your house must be edible. You will use royal icing for glue. Fill out the worksheet provided with all of your measurements as well as your list of supplies.

3 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

Students will begin constructing their houses.

Student Instructions

Begin construction. Gather everything needed.

4 Wrap up

Activity: Presenting

Students will present their houses. The dimension sheet must be included with each house as well as a short story about their house.

Student Instructions

Once your house is completed you will get a piece of paper from your teacher. You will neatly write your dimensions and scale information on your paper. You will also write a short story about your house. Youth, faculty and staff will judge each house. Your story may be a made up story, a story about how or why you chose to build like you did, and you may want to include what you would do diferently.