Lesson Plan

Getting to Know You/My Favorite Things

Facilitate introductions on the first day of class with fun and simple tech tools.
Melissa P.
Currey Ingram Academy (Brentwood, TN)
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Students will be able to articulate five of their favorite things and share them in a creative manner.

English Language Arts
Health & Wellness
Grades 6 – 12
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1 Hook

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Share a video about your favorite things (make the video in advance) to introduce yourself to your students.

2 Brainstorm

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Using Popplet or another mind-mapping program (or old-school handout), students will create a bubble map of their favorite things.

3 Produce

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Comic Life
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Prezi Classic
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Students will create a very short presentation about their favorite things.

Direct students to one particular technology or give them a choice between several.  Recommended tools include Animoto, Comic Life, ThingLink, Prezi, and Padlet.

4 Present

Activity: Presenting

Students will share their presentations with the class as a way to introduce themselves. If time is limited or you are concerned about shy students, you can have students only share with a partner or small group. You can also have students post a link to their presentation on a class website where they can be viewed later.