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Getting to Know Ya'

Learning who your students are (and letting them learn about you). A great way to start off the school year.
Cassondra C.
Classroom teacher
Visitacion Valley Middle School (San Francisco, CA)
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My Grades 6
My Subjects English Language Arts

Students will be able to...

locate themselves on a map, then orient themselves in relation to their favorite places

write (short) personal narratives

write (short) informative pieces

present their pieces to the class

English Language Arts
Grades 4 – 9
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1 Hook

To best understand the people I will be teaching for the school year, and for them to understand their teacher, I have found that identifying with the places we live, know, and love tell us a lot about each other.

In this activity, students explore Google Earth, finding any number of locations and playing with the functions. The end product of this part of the lesson, is for students to find their favorite place, preferably within the city they live. They are to screen shot the location, or to get the exact address of the favorite place.

2 Guided Practice

In this part of the lesson, students are guided through the process of uploading the map of their favorite place to Skitch. Once in Skitch, students will use any tools within the app to both draw attention to the favorite place on the map and add text about the place on the image.

Skitch also has direct access to Google Maps, which may be an easier map for studens to work with.

3 Composition

Google Drive
Free, Paid

In this part of the lesson, students will log-in to their Google Drive and Gmail accounts. From their Gmail, they can open the link to the Google Presentation that the teacher pre-made and shared.*

*Another option for sharing the pre-made Google Presentation, would be a tinyurl or OR code directly to the presentation document.

Students should add their own slide with their enhanced map of their favorite place.

In addition, students need to add more text (maybe on more than one slide) in a narrative style of writing about their own relationship to that location.

Their slide(s) should contain an orientation of our location to the favorite place, general information of the favorite place, and some personal narrative information/notes about the favorite place.

4 Share-Out

Activity: Broadcasting

Teacher, or students, will airplay the main slide show, and as each student slide appears, the owners will stand and present, explain, and answer questions about their favorite place.