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Geometry Review

Geometry review on volume.
Susan R.
Classroom teacher
Ralph Chandler Middle School
Simpsonville, United States
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My Grades 7
My Subjects Math

Students will be able to review the geometry standard GM6 for volume of rectangular prisms, cubes, and triangular prisms.

Grades 7
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1 Warm up

When students enter the room, they will get their warm up folder and solve the five problems in their Google classroom using the Google slide for that day.

2 Mini Lesson

Activity: Drawing

For our lesson, students drew rectangular prisms on their desk using white board markers.  They drew three cards from a deck of number cards to create their dimensions.  After finding the volume of their prism, we discussed what would happen if we doubled one side.  Then we doubled two sides and finally we doubled all three sides.  We wrote the volume as ratios to determine how the volume changed.


3 Summarizing Strategy

Students will take a 10 problem formative assessment in Mastery Connect to show what they learned.