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Geometry Hunt

Geometric Shapes in the Real World
Lynn C.
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Bethel Springs Elementary School
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My Grades 4
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Students will be able to...identify and label a variety of geometric shapes inside and outside out classroom and school building, then create an e-book, Google Slide, iMovie, Nearpod, or Piccollage demonstrating their learning.

Grades 4
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1 Geometry: Identifying Shapes in the Real World

We will review together the basic geometric shapes that are presented in our math book (Pearson EnVision). Students will also bring in geometric objects from home that demonstrate the different shapes.

Students will make a list of the variety of geometric shapes and angles they need to find. 

Student Instructions

Bring in objects, drawings, photographs, internet images, that represent geometric shapes.

Make a list of the geometric shapes and angles to find on the Scavenger Hunt.

2 Geometry Hunt

Students will use their iPads to photograph the different geometric shapes as we go on a "scavenger hunt" through and outside the school building.

Student Instructions

Use your iPad to photograph geometric shapes and angles.

3 Create your Product

Students will use their photographs to create an e-book, Google Slide show, PIccollage, or iMovie to present, label, and define their shapes.

Student Instructions

Use a digital platform to present your digital shapes, labeling and defining them. 

Consider your audience: is this intended for our age group (9 - 10 year old 4th graders) or younger students as an introduction? This will guide your presentation language and images.

4 Presentation of Product

Students will present to their classmates their final product by either airplaying their e-book, Google Slides, Piccollage, iMovie or having their classmates engage in their Nearpod activity. If the final product was intended as an introduction to a younger audience, we will present to our younger classmates. e-books, etc. can be printed and bound to put in our library.

Student Instructions

Be prepared to present your final product to your classmates or a younger audience. Final product can also be printed and shared in our library and classrooms.