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Geometry Gallery

Students create galleries of geometry artwork
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Students will be able to...

Identify various geometric shapes

Identify the number of sides and angles of shapes with 3-12 sides

Create and share a presentation in Google Drive




Grades 2 – 5
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1 The Greedy Triangle (Hook and Direct Instruction)

Activity: Reading

Prior to reading the story, make a chart that includes shape name, number of sides, number of angles, and picture. Start the lesson by reading the book The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns. While reading, stop to discuss the different shapes in the story and create a list of all the shapes mentioned. Have the students identify the number of sides and angles for each shape and add it to the chart. I would also suggest adding a picture of each shape. At the end of the story, stop and have a discussion about the lesson in the story.

2 Shape Identification (Guided Practice)

Review the story with the students and the shapes that were in the story. After the review, put the chart away so that students cannot use it for this assignment. Handout The Greedy Triangle shape review sheet. Explain that the students will make all of the shapes from the story on the online geoboard. They must record the number of sides, angles, and a picture on the worksheet. Collect the sheets to grade. If students have any remaining time, they can have free play on the geoboard creating any shapes and designs they like. To make the worksheet create a table with four columns and 13 rows. The columns should be titled shape name, number of sides, number of angles, and picture. The rows are labeled with names of the shapes (triangle, quadrangle, pentagon, etc.).

Student Instructions

Go to the website http://www.mathlearningcenter.org/web-apps/geoboard/ to use the online geoboard. Create the different shapes from the story and fill-out the necessary information on the worksheet (number of sides, angles, and a picture). Turn in the worksheet and have free play on the geoboard to create your own designs and shapes.

3 Creating Your Gallery (Independent Practice)

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Demonstrate how to log into Google Drive and show the students how to create a presentation. They will use the presentation tool to create their gallery of original artwork. Explain to the students that they will create three original pieces of artwork using only shapes. They can chose to have a theme for their gallery, or simply create three different pieces of artwork. (My students have created many different themed galleries including seasons, holidays, weather, and animals just to name a few.) They should start with the the title slide. This is where they will name their gallery and put their own name, too. They can also select a theme for the background. Next, they need to add three more slides to their presentation. This is where they will create their drawings. Each slide with a drawing should include a title of the artowrk, the artwork, and a sentence indentifying the different shapes used to create the picture. Once they have finished their gallery, they should share the presentation with you for grading. If any students finish their work early, they can always add more artwork to their gallery. Encourage the students to use their imaginations when creating the pictures. It is not always easy to draw a picture using only shapes.

Student Instructions

Log into Google Drive and create a Presentation.

Give your presentation a title. This will be the gallery where you create your geometry artwork.

Add three more slides to your gallery. This is where you will create your pictures.

Using the shape tools, draw your picture. Once you have drawn a picture, you must give your picture a title and write a sentence naming all the shapes you used to create your picture.

Once your gallery is complete, share it with your teacher for a grade.

4 Gallery Walk Thru (Wrap-Up)

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Today the students will have a gallery walk thru. Have all the students open their presentations. Students will walk thru three different galleries.

Student Instructions

Start your presentation. Once you have your presentation started, walk thru three other galleries.

Share your presentation with your parents by logging into Google Drive at home.