Lesson Plan


Simple lesson about Midwest Geography

Students will be able to...

  1. learn about the geography of the Midwest;
  2. examine the importance of agriculture to the Midwest economy
  3. Be able to explain the geography of the Midwest
  4. Be able to organize information into a graphic organizer
Grades 5
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Teacher Notes
Student Notes

1 Direct instruction

  1. Introduce assignment
  2. Ask student what they know about geography in the Midwest?
  3. Show students the technology tool
  4. Let students explore tool
Student Instructions
  1.  Answer the question what is geography.
  2. Think-pair-share what geography means
  3. Get into group and explore app
  4. Organize new information learned in a graphic organizer

2 Assesment

Activity: Assessing
  1. Ask students question about new knowledge
  2. Look at graphic organizer
Student Instructions

Do a group evaluation