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Gamify Your Lessons

explore gamification one objective at a time
Kathy V.
Technology coordinator
Edmonton AB, Canada
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My Grades 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

Students will be able to increase their fact fluency with multiplication and division facts.

*Teachers will explore gamification in small or large ways to see motivation increase with your students.  This can be high or low tech.

Grades 3 – 6
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1 Who are you?

Students can use tellagami to create their own avatar.  You can use these avatars in your classroom to record badges earned.  If you want to go lower tech, students can create an avatar of themselves as an art project.  

Student Instructions

Sometimes in games, players use images to represent themselves.  These are called avatars.  You are going to create on, you can make it look just like you, or something different. Be Creative!

2 Create your Class

If you would like to make this higher tech, create an account at class badges and set up your class.  You can establish goals for levels and badges that students earn (ie: 20 math facts in 2 minutes earns a badge).

If you want lower tech, establish the goals and then decide how you want to do badges, they can be items for your avatar, badges like boy scouts etc...

Then let your students earn their badges. 

*this gives you, the teacher time to meet with small groups (guided math style), challenge your stronger students, work with misconceptions, or offer encouragement.  

3 Independent Practice - Earn your Badges

Use the apps, card games, dice games to practice basic math facts.  Then let students play for the level or badge in a fun way.  Celebrate their motivation and successes!