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Fun Learning With Cool Math Games

Learning math is part of everyone’s life. Along with ABCs, children are taught how to count from 1 to 10 the moment they started to talk.
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Slowly, the process of learning math is integrated and woven into every little thing done – pre-school kids will be taught counting numbers and this will gradually climb up to the basic mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as the child jumps from one learning level to the next. Unfortunately, children most of the time do not feel like doing math drills. Either they are bored or they face some difficulty with the math exercises.

Recognizing the problem, pre-school and grade school teachers have found creative and interesting ways to teach math to the children. They used some easy and fun math games and kids are enjoined to participate and play the games. And because math can really be a challenge for majority of the children, teachers and students find using alternative math teaching methods useful and refreshing. The children become more interested and eager to learn and the teachers are satisfied with the kids’ response to the educational games.

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1 Traditional ways

The more traditional ways of incorporating math games into the learning package of the children are with the use of flash cards. There are ready-to-use flash cards available in any bookstore in your area. However, if you want to be creative, you can make your own using index cards, poster board paper. Both sides of the card may be used to write the math facts while the answer is finely printed either on the top or bottom of the card. If the children are learning counting numbers then the flash cards can contain pictures or objects which the children can count. Similarly if the kids are learning basic mathematical operations, the flash cards may be used as a game for children to do the operations mentally.

2 Traditional game

Another traditional game on mathematics is Bingo - a game most kids enjoy. Bingo game is now used for just about any math subject. If you are creative enough you can make your own Bingo boards with the calling problems and the answers to those questions. The game is also available via the internet website by searching for “Printable Math Bingo” which will allow the teacher to print the Bingo boards and use them repeatedly without having to print again. 

3 Another

Other cool math games are provided by many educational websites online and teachers can also make use of them to make the children learn about the subject much easier. The advent of internet had enhanced this learning activity, making it more interactive, interesting and fun for the children. However, for pre-school children, the use of traditional learning games like flash cards, is encouraged in order for the kids to learn the operations without the aid of computers (children may be tempted to just let the computer do the calculation on its own). Interactive computer-based cool math games can supplement the child’s learning as he or she grows up. 

Math is something needed to be learned by every child. And there is no reason why the teachers or the process cannot make the learning process to be fun and interesting.